hi everyone

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hi everyone

Post  c-lion on Sat Feb 27, 2010 6:58 pm

excited about seeing this thing grow...as a lover of nature and all things wierd this should be fun to see this wee lil sprout break the earth

I hope you get some real cool folks here to talk about a myriad of thoght provoking stories and revelations

it would be cool if you culd kep some of your old themes from cotp board

i realy like the "Finding the earth's oringinal instructions:" section...would love to hear more about your rocket stove in the yurt...ive been very curious about these for a spell now...the fact you said they can be tuned to burn smokeless is awesome....i guess it depends on quality of wood and stoves efficiancy?

well any how looking forward to all this...good to see VP here already...lol ...hiya VP


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Re: hi everyone

Post  uratsukudoji on Mon Apr 12, 2010 2:39 am

Im glad your here c-lion.
Im still wondering if had gotten my email certainly dont want you to think I ignored the question about florida.
I think if you put the right things for growth you cant stop it from growing.
look at COPT I turned alot people on to it just this week and the cool thing is even though COPT is finished its still resonating with people.
The most mind blowing about that whole project was how it flowed like river people just came and they listend and they got it ok maybe some didnt but owell the ones who did have a I want to say "more expansive"
perspective on everything.
I had the intrest for some reason to get involved with some very picean dualistic people last night to sortive revisit where I was before I stepped off that path. I can very clearly understand now what everyone one of them is projecting out there fear and taking a side for protection against what ever there affraid of.
Eliminating fear from the equation. All you have to do is come to these forums and read them and you can imagine what it would be like if people dropped the fear on a larger scale that can show you how infinite our potential really is.
It's a much better view from where im sitting now I can see a future past a doomed earth that so many use to mind control others.


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